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About Butcherquip

Through the perfect blend of equipment, ingredients and support, we help commercial butchers and home cooks make the most of meat with ease and confidence.

Whether it’s your everyday trade or an enjoyable pastime, we make it simple to successfully cut, carve, prepare, tenderise, mince, marinade, cure and smoke your own meat.

Wherever you are, we help you prepare quality cuts, gourmet products and amazing meals that will impress customers, friends and family alike. Our team has carefully selected the best ingredients, equipment and essentials for your domestic or commercial task – backed by leading resources and proven techniques that guide you smoothly to a great result.

At Butcherquip, we know you’re busy so we strive to deliver real satisfaction without the frustration when it comes to doing it yourself in-store or at home.

We maximise convenience through our online, phone and direct mail channels – so we’re always in touch when you need us, no matter where you are in Australia. From choosing, ordering and delivery through to creating, selling and tasting, our mission is to make the process easy for you.

With us, you enjoy the best of tradition, experience and innovation. 

Everything we do is backed by a practical and personal approach, designed to transform meat and meal preparation into a smooth, cost effective and truly rewarding experience.


Our 'DIY': Doing it for You

Butcherquip is proud to work with a huge network of butchers in shops, on properties and in homes across the country. Every day, we strive to make your experience easy and rewarding, while making you feel truly included, informed and inspired.

At Butcherquip, our range is wide enough to meet your everyday business and home needs, while being targeted specifically to make your decisions simple and the results exceptional.

We do all the groundwork to give you peace of mind – researching, testing and selecting equipment and ingredients based on quality, performance, versatility and practicality for your butcher shop or kitchen.

It’s all about getting back to basics so you can just get started. You’ll be reassured that you have the perfect building blocks for your work or creation.

We’re passionate about making your meat preparation experience both straightforward and successful.

We start with our website that makes it easy to match the right equipment and ingredients to your purpose. With clear categories to link associated products and processes, we ensure selection is quick, efficient and spot-on.

On hand for you

For us, online means ‘on hand’ across rural and regional Australia as well as metropolitan areas. We combine the convenience of the Internet with truly personal service.

It means you won’t be disrupted by sales representatives when you least need it – but we’re here to answer questions, provide advice and share inspiration whenever you need it.

We get to know you by phone and aim to deliver products and services to suit your scope. We have a minimum order amount of $30, Stock readily available and a wide variety of exclusive packaging sizes and delivery options.

Through our range of Specials we provide an opportunity to share techniques and recipes passed down through generations and cultures.


What We Do


Provide complementary products, handmade gourmet selections and oven-ready meals to your customer - or produce wholesale taste sensations at home. From flavourings, herbs and marinades to sausage meals and premixes, we have a wide range of excellent ingredients to help make meat extraordinary.


Get the best results with the right accessories that are vital for your process. Whether you’re smoking produce, packaging meat or tying a roast - for hundreds of customers or a small group of family and friends - we have the quality essentials you need. Our versatile range includes poly bags, netting, twine, skewers and woodchips.


We have hand-picked an exceptional range of meat-preparation machinery and tools for the home kitchen and commercial butcher shop. Whatever your scale, you’ll find ideal equipment for cutting, butchering, tenderising, mincing and curing meat as well as making your jerky and sausages. 

Know how

Take the complexity and guesswork out of starting from scratch, with straightforward advice from experts and support from fellow professionals and enthusiasts across the country. We bring you ‘insider’ guidance and tips through leading books, instructional DVD’s and more. This will bring about efficiency in any Food Department you find yourself working in.

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