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Brawn Recipe

Brawn Recipe

This is a tasty article, made by boiling pigs’ cheeks, calves’ heads, and a fair proportion of corned beef and sheep‘s tongues. Boil the whole until such time has elapsed that the meat will easily come away from the bones. Cut all excepting sheep’s tongues into cubes or triangular pieces, about the size of a duck’s egg. Mix up well, and add sheep’s tongues, whole. Fill into ox bungs; tie securely. Place the brawn in hot water for a few minutes to scald the skin. Care must he exercised in doing this, or the skin will burst. Take the brawn out, and flatten the sides, by placing it on a bench, and, with another board on top, adding sufficient weight to compress them as required.

Add 2 oz. seasoning to every 10 lbs. of meat. Make up seasoning as follows

No. 1

1 lbs. pure ground white pepper.
3 oz. ground mace.
1 oz. ground cloves.
3 lbs. salt.

No. 2

2 ¼ lbs pure ground white pepper.
3 oz. ground mace.
2 oz. ground nutmeg.
5 lbs. salt.


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